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For Workplaces

TINT Education offers high quality, bespoke training workshops and consultancies to those in the workforce who seek to create a more inclusive work culture by prioritising mental health, becoming trauma-informed and/or enhancing support of neurodiversity within their organisation.

Our workshops are suitable for community groups, education and healthcare services, charities and the private sector. We understand that different organisations and even different departments within an organisation have different needs, which is why our workshops are tailored to your requirements, never generic. We will always discuss your objectives in full before suggesting an approach or developing a programme, and tailor content within a workable timeframe for you and your team.


All our training concepts are firmly rooted in reality, imparting practical skills that people can put into practice the next day. We offer a diverse menu of options ranging from a few hours to a few days, online or in-person, covering a range of important topics. 


Topics might include: 

  • Understanding the Impact of Trauma & Mitigating its Effects

  • Trauma-Informed Policy Reform

  • Recognising and Supporting Colleagues with ADHD

  • Promoting and Celebrating Neurodiversity in the Workplace

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