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In-Person CPD for Schools


We work collaboratively with clients to ensure support is tailored to your needs. CPD is offered both online and in-person, with options ranging from 90-minute introductory workshops to full day combination trainings. The format can be developed to meet the specific needs of the school and delivered in a flexible manner. The content is based on the most up-to-date research and draws on Lucy's wealth of academic and practical experience.

Details of some of our most popular training areas are provided below, however, this list is not exhaustive and information about other learning areas e.g. sensory integration, restorative practice and ADHD-specific training can be provided upon request.

We are happy to collaborate with your school to create the optimum CPD opportunities for your staff. 

We have a wealth of experience of working with schools and organisations to develop bespoke training which is not only innovative and transformative but also cost-effective. Unlike many psychology-based CPD providers, we understand the challenges faced by schools because we speak from practical experience; Lucy has many years of teaching and leadership experience in mainstream and special education, effectively implementing the approaches and strategies offered by our services.

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Trauma-informed practice

Childhood adversity is so common that adopting a trauma-informed lens is a basic requirement of any healthy school and society. An increasing number of schools are now recognising that educators need to understand and adequately respond to children who have been exposed to traumatic experiences to mitigate the risks of negative outcomes across the lifespan.


CPD in this area introduces educators to the knowledge, theories and strategies that underpin trauma-informed practice in schools. It explores what it really means to become ‘trauma-informed’, in the context of attachment theory and relationships. Understanding basic neuroscience and how the human stress-response system operates will enable educators to recognise how traumatic stress can show up in school environments.

School leaders can choose from a range of practical approaches and strategies framed by the ‘Respond with RESPECT’ model, developed by TINT Education, as the focus of their team's CPD. This model draws upon a range of theories and research within psychology and associated therapeutic disciplines, including occupational, speech and language and creative arts psychotherapies.



Emotion Coaching is a relational, skills-based approach for adults to use during moments of heightened emotion and resulting behaviour to guide and teach children and young people about more effective responses.

Research has identified that children who are supported through this strategy are better able to control their impulses and delay gratification, self soothe when upset, have better attentional capacity and increased motivation, perform better academically and are better able to function in social relationships.

This school-friendly programme uses four core steps to help develop emotional resilience, empathy and problem solving skills within children and young people. It is also shown to positively impact adult wellbeing.

Lucy Mannion is an accredited Emotion Coaching UK Practitioner Trainer. She has many years' experience using this approach to work effectively with children and young people whose emotional regulation and behaviour are negatively impacted by traumatic stress and neurodivergent conditions, such as ADHD and Autism. 


inclusive eDUCATION for neurodivergent learners

CPD in this area explains, explores and nurtures acceptance of neurodiversity in schools. Neurodiversity exists in every classroom, everywhere in the world. Yet many educators are still exploring the nuances of what it means to be a neurodivergent learner and how to create a fully inclusive classroom. One of the main challenges facing educators is that many don’t have the knowledge or training necessary to create a psychologically safe classroom space for neurodiverse student groups.

Bespoke CPD workshops present some of the challenges that neurodiverse students face and support educators to actively create more equitable learning opportunities, by addressing the needs of neurodiverse students. Since the learning environment might not always be accessible to students with different learning needs and cognitive styles, this CPD explores a range strategies and approaches that can benefit everyone; since all students benefits from neurodiverse adaptations.

Instead of getting lost in terminology and diagnoses, educators will learn how to focus on individual students’ areas of strength and difficulty. Reframing the narrative of what neurodiversity means and emphasising the importance of inclusion, these workshops support educators to promote wellbeing by fostering self-confidence and a sense of belonging within the school community.


Adele McKeon

Wellbeing Coordinator

St. Patrick’s Loreto Primary School

Bray, Co. Wicklow

Our whole staff really benefitted from Lucy's workshop. Understanding the science helped develop everyone's understanding of the strategies and approaches we are implementing.  Lucy's experience in the classroom means that the information is highly relevant to us in the school setting. Her presentation was so engaging and thought provoking, it sparked many conversations over the following days. I'd highly recommend Lucy for any staff seeking to further their understanding of a trauma informed approach.

St. Ultan's Primary School
Cherry Orchard
Co. Dublin

The Trauma-Informed Practice and Emotion Coaching training that Lucy delivered in our school was thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial to the work we do. Would highly recommend the training and look forward to doing more.

Helen Flaherty
Deputy Principal
Scoil Réalta na Maidine
Listowel, Co. Kerry

CPD that every school should engage in so that we can enhance the learning and school experience of every child but especially the vulnerable.

Hands down most interesting, valuable & enjoyable training I have attended in years. Really looking forward to further sessions. Thank you so very much for providing very much needed light at the end of the tunnel

Madeleine Mead-Herbert


Ark Bolingbroke Academy

Clapham, London

As SENCo at a large Secondary Academy School in London, I have continually observed increasing numbers of students struggling with their learning due to on-going challenges within their social, emotional & mental health. So, when I found TINT Education who offer specialised training and consultancy, I felt I’d found the missing piece of the puzzle.


When I reached out to Lucy at TINT Education, she took the time to ask questions to understand what the SEND team at my school needed before going on to devise a specific and targeted CPD session.


Lucy’s outstanding subject knowledge, passion for young peoples’ mental health, understanding of the education sector and her empathy to those who work in schools, each made this session the most transformative any of us within the team have experienced.


We are all excited to use the strategies Lucy has taught us through this training and look forward to inviting TINT Education back for further whole-school CPD.

Firhouse Educate Together
Secondary School
Dublin 24


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