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TINT Education provides training and consultancy for schools and workplaces. We support and empower educators and employers to foster true inclusion and personal growth through becoming informed about the impact of trauma and neurological differences on how children or adults learn, work and function within relationships.

Our approach is therapeutic, drawing upon a range of psychological evidence-bases to equip our clients with skills and strategies to improve outcomes for people of all ages.


My name is Lucy Mannion.

I founded TINT Education in May 2022 in response to a growing need for support in developing trauma-informed and neuroinclusive practice in Ireland. The services I offer are backed by fifteen years of studies and work experience in the areas of special education, psychology, psychotherapy and mental health, as well as lived-experience of ADHD.

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About TINT Education


Trauma-informed practice realises the prevalence of adverse and traumatic childhood experiences and equips people with knowledge to recognise trauma symptoms and skills to respond with appropriate support.


Neurodiversity refers to the cognitive variability within the human population and includes people with conditions such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Neuro-inclusivity is about recognising that variability in ways of thinking and celebrating how valuable these differences can be.


Our therapeutic approach draws upon a range of theories and research within psychology and associated therapeutic disciplines, including occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and creative arts psychotherapies. 


Our mission is to support and empower the education and wider workforce to create positive organisational change, whereby the contributions, presence and perspectives of all people, including those who think differently or have different life experiences, are valued and integrated into the environment.

We are also driven by our mission to  strengthen families, by equipping parents with tailored therapeutic education tools and strategies to empower them in managing difficulties at home, improving outcomes for their children.


Working collaboratively with clients, we equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to leverage their own expertise and relational strengths. With appropriate guidance and support, we know that every organisation can promote a sense of belonging, connection and community for everyone. This is key to ensuring no child or adult is disadvantaged by their circumstances and that they are granted the understanding and accommodations that enable them to reach their full potential.


TINT Education provides evidence-based services. We are committed to developing programmes that transform cutting-edge research into practical, straightforward practices with attainable goals. Operating from a growth-mindset and strengths-based lens, we believe in empowering the professionals and families we work with to reach their full potential and achieve the highest standards of excellence. Dedicated to reflective practice, we continuously evaluate our services to ensure we are meeting clients' needs.

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