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Educators Recommend


Childcare Assistant, Cocoon Childcare

“This course {Trauma-Informed Education} was incredibly informative and full of valuable information and tools which I feel will help build a brighter and better future for generations to come.


Lucy is a fantastic mentor and has an excellent method of delivery which I feel is relatable and can be understood by all. I would highly recommend completing this course and look forward to future learning with Lucy.”


Guidance Counsellor, Rockford Manor School

“Having recently completed a training course with Lucy, I cannot recommend her highly enough.


The course in "Trauma Informed Education" was one of the most engaging and relevant courses I have ever undertaken.


Lucy is an excellent teacher and her presentation was clear and concise. She was most generous with her time and advice outside of the course also.”


 Primary School Teacher, 

Whitechurch National School

“Thank you for presenting such an informative and thought provoking course which I have thoroughly enjoyed.


I have been teaching in a primary school for over thirty years and have participated in numerous courses and training sessions, as you can well imagine. 


I can honestly say that yours has been the most inspiring and I only wish I had known of your approaches earlier in my career!”

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