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For Parents

TINT Education works with parents/carers who are seeking education and support in response to difficulties experienced by their children either at home or in school.* These difficulties might be internalised (such as anxiety, sadness or low self-esteem) or externalised (such as aggression, hyperactivity or impulsivity) and are often related to conditions such as ADHD or Autism. However, a diagnosis has not always been obtained nor is it required in order for helpful approaches and support strategies to be put in place.

Consultancy services are offered either online via Zoom as well as in-person and can involve once-off meetings or ongoing, longer-term support, depending on individual need.

*Please note that TINT Education is limited to providing parents/carers with psychologically-informed support strategies and advice but we are not a psychological assessment service. Parents seeking a diagnosis or clinical intervention for their child will require a more structured psychological evaluation that should be sought from a chartered clinical/educational psychologist or psychiatrist via CAMHS or an equivalent clinical service.

Parent of 8-year-old girl


We came across Lucy Mannion thanks to the recommendation from a guidance counsellor whose school had benefitted from Lucy's expertise. We were awaiting assessment for ADHD when we started working with Lucy and her recommendations for home and school meant we had already started making some of the needed changes before we got a confirmatory diagnosis.


We are a few months in now and the strategies Lucy helped us to implement both at home and at school have been instrumental in the progress we and our daughter have made. A personalised education plan for school was especially helpful.  


Lucy's lived experience of ADHD was really helpful also and reassuring to us as parents navigating unknown territory, it is clear she is really passionate about helping neurodiverse children and their families. We would recommend Lucy without hesitation."

Parent of 11-year-old boy


“We had contacted Tint Education this summer as our son had been experiencing anxiety around attending school since the lockdown.


Lucy came to our home to meet with our son and spend time with him and us. Our son is autistic, so having someone actually come to us made the experience so much easier and really positive. The supports and resources that she suggested were very much tailored to our son and have been a great help when supporting his anxiety, and in giving him the tools to be able to help himself.


Lucy was kind, patient and answered all of our questions. My son really enjoyed meeting her and the resources and supports she suggested were so easy to implement.”

Parent Testimonials

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